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American Roof Consultant has provided roofing service in Texas for more than 40 years. Longevity is a rarity in this industry, so our time in the field speaks volumes for our ability to maintain our position as the top roofer in Alvarado, Texas. We pride ourselves on professionalism, with an acute attention to detail. We create personal experiences with our clients to let them know they are valued customers, and we sincerely appreciate their business.

American Roof Consultant specializes in residential roofing and we can honestly say, there isn’t a roof we’ve encountered that our roofers couldn’t take care of. Wood, metal, plywood, tear offs and shingles are just a select few of the types of roofing we conduct.

Residential Roofing Done Right

Our Roofers have broken down residential roofing to a science. With over 40 years in the field we have equivalent to a doctorate degree in roofing. Our experts will arrive promptly and professionally to provide a proper assessment of the site. From there, our contractors will collaborate with you to help determine the best roofing possibilities for your particular residence.

We provide roofing for all types of residences: houses, apartments, and condos, to name a few. A roof says a lot about your home, but it also serves to protect against the elements and properly insulate the home. These are important in maintaining a proper household and it is for that reason, we take our job so seriously. We don’t cut corners (figuratively) and we are never satisfied until the job is completed to 100% of your liking.

Residential Roofing

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing Capable

Our experience has allowed us to expand our business and touch new frontiers. Our specialty will always be in residential roofing but recently we have proven to be more than capable of conducting quality business in the commercial roofing industry. Our standards remain the same, no matter the job. We have confidence in our team of expert contractors to fully complete any job worth taking.


Roof Tear offs

When a roof is damaged or improperly installed, roof tear offs are sometimes the only solution to salvaging your roof. Our rates are reasonable and our work is efficient. We are able to remove the shingles without damaging the foundation of the roof, allowing for a smoother layering of the newly selected roof. It’s imperative that this process be done professionally as the damage from an improper roof removal can be difficult to repair and extremely costly. At American Roof Consultant we guarantee a proper inspection and follow up with all of our customers who utilize our services. This degree of professionalism has allowed us to maintain our position as Texas’ premier roofing company.

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